Child’s Dream – A Photoshop Manipulation

An image manipulation tutorial using photoshop.


Child’s Dream – A Photoshop Manipulation

What You’ll Be Creating

The world of Pom-Pihu

Tutorial Assets

1.     This tutorial requires photos of two children reading books, one lying on his/her back and the other lying on lap.

2.     A background image of a lot of white cloud high above the sky.

3.     Another image of white cloud.

4.     Brush of a half moon.

5.     Brush of Bubbles.


For the purpose of this tutorial, I have chosen the following images..





moon brush5. (moon brush)

bubble brushes6. (bubble brushes)



Open a new file with

Color mode- RGB, 8 bit

Resolution – 300 pixels/inch

Width – 2500 pixels

Height – 3000 pixels

New file



Now place the background image of cloud on the new canvas created and position and scale it suitably.




Now create a blank layer above the cloud background. Then select a brush of bubble of your choice and click once on the blank layer and position and/or scale it suitably.

bubble brushes

Also lower the opacity and fill of that layer accordingly so that the bubble blends perfectly with the cloud background.

Bubble place



Now open the first image of the child who is incidentally no one but my younger daughter, in a separate tab in Photoshop.



Then isolate the child from her background. There are various methods by which you can do so. I normally mask out the background with a hard brush having opacity of 100% then soften the edges to some extent with Blur Tool having suitable hardness and strength and then saving the image in PNG format.

Pihu Isolated

In order to match the contour of the child’s figure with that of the bubble I used the warp tool after placing the isolated figure over the Bubble.

Pihu warp



Now notice that the edge of the child’s figure is not matching with the background! So, again I masked it so that it’s edges perfectly match with the background.

Pihu mask


In order to make the child’s figure over the the bubble more realistic I performed some skin toning and shadow making.To do so, I made a new layer above the child’s layer with the following specification:

Mode – Soft light

And “Fill with soft light neutral color ( 50% gray)” Box checked.

layer_Skin darkening and shadow

Now with a soft brush of hardness 6% and opacity 8% I darkened some portion of the figure and made some shadows of the child on the bubble so that it looks more realistic.

Skin darkening and shadow



Now the turn for the 2nd child, in this case who is my eldest daughter.



I directly placed the image of the 2nd child over everything and positioned, scaled & rotated suitably.

Pom placed


To remove the background of this image I again used the layer mask tool with a hard brush having opacity of 100%, then soften the edges to some extent with Blur Tool having suitable hardness and strength.

Pom Isolated


Then I made 3 adjustment layer of Level, Curves & Exposer with clipping mask to enhance and adjust  the image of the 2nd child with the surrounding.

Pom levels

Pom curves

Pom exposer



In order to lay the 2nd child over a cloud I placed another image of cloud just beneath her and positioned, scaled & rotated accordingly as usual.

Cloud placed

Then I used a layer mask as usual to remove the background of this cloud also.

cloud masked

To look more realistic I inserted one blank layer in between the layer of this cloud and the 2nd child and made some shadows.

Pom shadow



Then created two new blank layers one above the other. Then I selected one of the Moon Brushes (Moon_brushes_5) and clicked once on the first newly created blank layer and positioned, scaled & rotated suitably. I left the layer’s opacity and fill at 100% each.

moon brush


Similarly I created the small cloud above the first child and blended it properly.



And now I am finished! Take these techniques and go apply them to photos of your friends and family members to create some fun, unique and personal images!


The final outcome..

Pom_Pihur Dunia



Thank you for visiting PICSEDIT. I’ll be uploading many more such type of simple and interesting photoshop tutorials in future which will help you to manipulate your personal photos to make them really interesting, fun and unique.










Author: Manas Bhaduri

Manas Bhaduri is a self made amateur photographer who is also fond of photoshop. He utilizes his spare time by photographing his surroundings and then editing and manipulating those photos to compose interesting and unique art pieces

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